Swedish PM Expresses Doubts Over “Burden Sharing” Plan (News)

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt - Photo: Pawel Flato

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt - Photo: Pawel Flato

In a press conference with the Maltese PM, Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt said

‘I know that Malta is pushing for more burden sharing to solve its immigration problems and that the Commission is also pressing on this point but, as you know, there are different views among member states on this. We will do our part and push a bit more. We do recognise that burden sharing can be a way forward. However, we also need to ensure that migrants are also welcomed in Europe. So, although burden sharing is important, there are difficulties and it is easier said than done.’

Maltese PM Lawrence Gonzi said that

‘Malta wants concrete help and we recognise the suggestions put forward by the European Commission and endorsed last week by EU leaders that the new Stockholm programme in the field of justice and home affairs will also include concrete measures on burden sharing among member states.’

According to the Times of Malta, “[i]n EU circles, Sweden is considered to be among the most sceptical member states when it comes to asylum and migration policy and, lately, was among the leading group of Nordic member states trying to water down the Commission’s initiatives to help Malta and other southern EU members facing major influxes of immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa.”

Click here for Times of Malta article.

Click here for Malta Independent article.

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