EU May Fund “Accommodation Centres” In Libya (News)

EC Vice-President Jacques Barrot said that the EU and Belgium will offer “a financial package of 80 million euros to enable Libya deal with the perennial problem of illegal migration through its territories.”

”He said from the financial package, Libya was expected to use 20 million euros to build accommodation centres for asylum seekers while Brussels would increase its financial aid to Libya to 60 million euros to enable Tripoli manage the illegal immigration through its territories.”

”According to Mr. Barrot, the EU will reach an agreement with Libyan authorities under which people seeking political asylum in Europe can do so from Libya.”

Click here and here (francais) for articles.

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One response to “EU May Fund “Accommodation Centres” In Libya (News)

  1. romdave

    I feel sad when the Eu members talk about closing
    their doors to the illegal migrants entering Europe
    fleenig from persecution,torture,and unjustice
    Europe becomes like a haven for those peaple and there are who really need protection among those migrants like Eritreans,somalis,and Libya had not signed the Geneve Convection to deal with those
    migrants UNHCR or EU must bring a durable solution for those migrants who really suffering in Libya luck of protection resettlement is woul be the finial solution

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