54 Migrants Arrested on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast (News)

Costa Rican authorities detained 54 migrants from Africa and Nepal after their boat was discovered off the Caribbean coast near Limón.  39 of the migrants were African and the others from Nepal.  They were attempting to reach the USA.

The circumstances under which the migrants came to be on the boat are unclear.  One migrant reportedly said he had boarded a boat in South Africa for the journey.  It may be that the migrants were transferred from a larger vessel to a smaller one as they neared Central America.

”With the 54 immigrants found Saturday, the undocumented Africans detained in Costa Rica to date in 2009 number 95, since in previous months 41 were caught arriving from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Guinea.”

”Costa Rican authorities believe that Africans are transported by people-trafficking rings that charge each one up to $7,000 to take them to the United States, but instead leave them abandoned to their fate in the Caribbean.”

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