Frontex Concedes it “May Be Helping” with Italian Push-Back Practice (News)

A Frontex spokesperson has modified Frontex’s strong denial several days ago that it had no involvement in or responsibility for the Italian push-back practice in the Mediterranean.

Frontex now concedes that it is assisting the Italians with the detection and interception of migrant boats, but that Frontex has no information regarding what happens to intercepted migrants after the Italian coastguard intercepts them.

“In an interview with European Voice [reporter Judith Crosbie], [Frontex spokesperson Gil] Arias-Fernández said: ‘Technically speaking, assets co-ordinated by Frontex are taking part in operations in the area and … these people could be sent back to their country of origin.’ But he said to hold Frontex responsible for the return of migrants to Libya was ‘far from reality’. ‘We can’t be accountable for decisions taken by Italy,’ he said.”  Arias- Fernández, however, conceded that Frontex might bear some moral responsibility for the push-back practice.

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