Call for papers–Workshop: Administrative actors and immigration professionals: articulating national, European and international dynamics (AFSP, SciencesPo/CEE)

A workshop, “Administrative actors and immigration professionals: articulating national, European and international dynamics,” sponsored by the public policy group of the Association Française de Science Politique and the Centre d’études européennes (Sara Casella-Colombeau and Nora El Qadim, Sciences Po/CEE) will be held 6-7 June at Sciences Po, Paris.

Call for papers – Submission details:  Proposals with a comparative dimension will be of particular interest. They can be on European or international cases. Working languages: French and English.  Deadline for proposals (no longer than 500 words): March 1st, 2011.  Abstracts (with name and institution) should be sent to the organizers:

From the announcement:

“Studies of migration policies “in the making” and their administrative actors have largely contributed to a revitalization of social sciences in the field of migration studies [Ellerman 2009 ; Laurens 2009 ; Spire, 2005 ; Weil 1991].  By focusing their work on the trajectories and practices of administrative actors, studies have highlighted the fundamental role played by these actors at various levels. From decision to implementation, they are the ones carrying out immigration policies, fashioning and shaping their evolution. Moreover, several authors have focused on the genesis and development of these policies at the supranational – in this case European – level [Guiraudon, 2000, 2003; Boswell, 2008, 2009]. However, analyses that attempt to link these various levels are scarce.

The objective of this workshop is to study the dynamics and mechanisms of migration policies involving the national, European and/or international levels. The purpose is to widen the perspective on migration policies by bridging approaches that generally centre on the national level and studies which emphasize the European integration or international dynamics….

This workshop will examine this theme from three main axes:  1. A first axis will look at bureaucracies in destination countries….;  2. A second axis will focus on the administrations related to migration policies in origin or transit countries….; 3. Finally, the third axis will focus on the international governance of migration flows, and on the appearance and reinforcement of an international bureaucracy of migration….”

(as noted on Migration Law by Egle Dagilyte.)

Click here (EN) or here (FR) for the announcement.

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