Ashton in Tripoli – EU Ready to Resume Negotiations on Framework Agreement / Prepared to Immediately Fund Re-Activation of Suspended Migration Programmes

EU High Representative Catherine Ashton travelled to Tripoli on 12 November to open the new EU Delegation office (headed by James Moran) and to meet with Libyan NTC Chairman Mustafa Abdel-Jalil.

From an EU Press Release:  “…  The EU also stands ready to resume negotiations on a Framework Agreement which can serve as a basis for political, economic, social and cultural dialogue and cooperation with the new Libya, whenever the new authorities decide that is the right moment to do so. The same principle applies to the possibility of having Libya joining regional initiatives where the EU is involved….”

“…Beyond tackling the most pressing humanitarian needs, the EU is already preparing both immediate measures to support the stabilisation priorities of the National Transitional Council (NTC), as well as longer-term support programmes. It was agreed at the international conference in Paris on 2 September 2011 that the EU will conduct needs assessment for the following sectors: border management; strengthening civil society and women’s rights, and media/strategic communications, while the UN and the World Bank, with which the EU is working very closely, will lead assessments in other areas. In addition, the EU has already deployed experts in communications, civil society, border management and security, and procurement.   In addition to its humanitarian assistance, the European Commission can make up to €30 million available for immediate stabilisation needs, including through the re-activation of programmes in the field of migration that were suspended when conflict began….” [emphasis added]

Click here for full press release.

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