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1300+ Haitian Migrants Interdicted to Date in 2009 (News, Data)

164 Haitian migrants were interdicted and returned to Haiti by the US Coast Guard earlier this week.  1,374 Haitians have been stopped and returned to Haiti by US authorities to date in 2009.

“The summer has been largely silent in terms of repatriation but dozens were caught and sent packing in the first quarter of the year. January was especially a busy month, with 621 Haitians sent back in the first month of 2009.”

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New Book : The Snakehead: An Epic Tale of the Chinatown Underworld and the American Dream (Books)

“In 1992, after a crackdown on corruption in the Bangkok airport (where snakeheads procured fake documents), the smugglers turned to boats, or what was known as the “bucket business.” Most ships were barely seaworthy; some had as many as a hundred cabins and packed the bodies in. Routes were byzantine: the FBI tracked one group of migrants from Fuzhou to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai, Frankfurt, and then Washington. Keefe puts it this way: “In the minds of the snakeheads, humans were ultimately a form of cargo like any other, subject to the economies of scale.” Like the global trade in more ordinary goods, shipping on the sea worked, leaving U.S. authorities in its wake for quite a while.”

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Increasing Numbers Seek Entry to US By Sea From Mexico (News, Statistics)

While migrants and asylum seekers have long sought entry to the US from the Caribbean Sea, efforts to reach the US mainland from Mexico via the Pacific Ocean have been less common.    The US Department of Homeland Security reports that increasing numbers of migrants are seeking to enter the US (California) by sea from Mexico.

“[US Coast Guard] Commander Pearce and other officials in the Department of Homeland Security say those sporadic efforts have accelerated to unprecedented levels recently — a doubling in the number of illegal immigrants — more than 300 in the last two years — caught on boats or beaches….”

“New smuggling rings have also emerged, operating out of beach towns south of the border and islands off the Mexican coast, convincing migrants that the passage is safe and the ocean too wide open for maritime law enforcement to catch them.”

“The authorities arrested 136 illegal immigrants sneaking in by sea in the fiscal year that ended Oct. 30, double the 66 marine arrests in 2007. Since October, more than 100 illegal immigrants have been arrested….”

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