Cuenca Colloquium on Intl Refugee Law-Common European Asylum System Phase II (30 Sept Cuenca) (Conferences)

30 September–3 October 2009 Cuenca, Spain

Extended Deadline for Applications: 20 July

Accem and the Refugee Law Reader are holding the 4th Refugee Law Colloquium which will focus on the development of Phase II of the Common European Asylum System. The objective of the Colloquium is to bring together international experts from the worlds of academia, policy and practice with advanced students (MA, LLM and PhD level) to examine major current issues in refugee law, and the research needs which they reveal. It is designed to provide a picture of international refugee protection obligations of States and their observance thereof, as well as the rights of individuals in need of international protection. These two perspectives, state obligations and individual rights, provide the pivotal points of the Colloquium.

Click here for details.

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