Libya Seeks €200-€300 million From EU in Exchange for Assistance With Migrants (News)

EC Justice Commissioner Jacques Barrot plans to travel to Libya after the summer holidays to discuss EU – Libyan cooperation regarding migrants who transit Libya for Europe.

Barrot hopes to visit Libya with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres.  “’I know his administration is not very keen (on the trip), but he understands the problems,’ he said.  The UN refugee agency has harshly criticised bilateral agreements signed between Italy and Libya to turn back would-be refugees.”

“’[Libya is] demanding impossible things,’ he said, explaining that Tripoli has put ‘enormous’ financial demands on the EU in exchange for its help. ‘We proposed 20 million euros, but they are asking for 200 to 300 million,’ sources in Barrot’s entourage said.  Tripoli says it needs the funds to monitor its border with Niger and Chad.”

Click here for article.

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