Puntland Police Take Actions Against Human Traffickers (News)

Garowe Online, a Somali news agency, reports that police authorities in Puntland, a self-declared autonomous region of Somalia, are attempting to take action to prevent human traffickers from transporting migrants across the Gulf of Aden.

“The two locations, Marero and Shimbirale, have been notorious hotspots where human traffickers have conducted their illegal business of transporting migrants across the Gulf of Aden to the shores of Yemen.”

“In recent weeks, Puntland’s commercial port city of Bossaso, which is located along the Gulf of Aden, has been teeming with Somali and foreign migrants, mostly from neighboring Ethiopia. It is suspected that most of these people are preparing to voluntarily pay to take the dangerous journey across the Gulf of Aden.”

“Puntland security sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity told Garowe Online that the order to establish police checkpoints came from the office of President Abdirahman Mohamed ‘Farole.’”

Click here for article.

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