Spanish EU Presidency seminar: Maritime Polices for a Safe Europe

The Spanish EU Presidency conducted a seminar on “Maritime Polices for a Safe Europe” which concluded on 29 January.  Participants included representatives from FRONTEX, EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency), CFCA (Community Fisheries Control Agency), EUISS (European Union Institute for Security Studies), and the Chiefs of Naval Staff of France, Belgium, Portugal and Sweden and Admirals of the Fleet of Italy and Germany.

According to a press release, a “’reflection document’ is going to be drawn up that will be presented at the informal meeting of defence ministers planned for the end of February. The document will be structured around three central themes: the design of a common conceptual framework, information transfer and the efficient organisation of military operations.”

Click here for press release.

Click here for the Dossier de Prensa distributed by the Armada Española, Oficina de Comunicación Social de la Armada.

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