Haitians Prepare for Boat Journey to US

The Los Angeles Times reports on the construction of a boat in Cap Haitien, Haiti and preparations being made by some earthquake survivors to flee the country for the US.

“When builders finish the boat in a few days, it will set sail with … at least 40 others for the United States. If they survive the 600-mile crossing, and aren’t intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard, they’ll soon be walking the streets of opportunity.  …  The boat is being built on a narrow, secluded waterway that feeds into the bay, out of sight of Haitian coast guard patrols and U.S. ships that [the ship’s builder] said he’s spotted on the shimmering blue sea just outside the bay.”

Click here for article and here for photos and audio.

Click here for Christian Science Monitor article regarding recent US preparations for possible surge of Haitian boat people.

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