Malmström: Expand Frontex Powers and Respect Rights

On the eve of the 25-26 February meeting of the Council of Justice and Home Affairs, EC Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström in her first press conference as Commissioner presented the Commission’s proposal to expand Frontex’s powers in several areas including giving it the authority to co-lead enforcement operations with member states.  The proposal would also introduce “an explicit requirement for all border guards taking part in operations to have been trained in fundamental rights, with the aim to safeguard that all immigrants are met with full respect of fundamental rights and in particular the principle of non-refoulement.”

Speaking of Italy’s forcible migrant return policy, Malmström said “I don’t exclude at all that errors were committed in the past, that’s why I’m so keen to really reinforce that all the people involved in Frontex operations have the adequate education and know exactly what to do. Because of course, these people [the migrants] are not criminals, they are in the search for a better life and they have the right to be treated in a dignified way.”

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