Vacancy for ED of the European Asylum Support Office

Since the European Parliament will likely soon act to adopt formally the Regulation establishing the European Asylum Support Office, the vacancy for Executive Director position has been announced.

The Closing Date for applications is 9 April 2010.

Vacancy for an Executive Director (Grade AD 14) of the European Asylum Support Office, Malta —COM/2010/10234 .

“[T}the Office shall be a Community body having legal personality. The Office will play a key role in helping to improve the implementation of the Common European Asylum System and in strengthening practical cooperation among Member States in asylum-related matters.”

“The Director will be the legal representative and public face of the Office. She/he shall be independent in the performance of her/his duties and shall be accountable for her/his activities to the Management Board, which will consist of 26 voting members appointed by the Member States bound by the Regulation, 2 voting members appointed by the Commission, with Denmark and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) attending as non-voting members.”

“The Executive Director shall report to the European Parliament on the performance of her/his tasks when invited. The Council may invite the Executive Director to report on the performance of his/her tasks.”

“The Director will have a central role in setting up the Office, which shall be fully operational within one year of the entry into force of the founding Regulation. She/he will be responsible for establishing the administrative, operational and financial structures necessary for the proper operation of the Office, including the recruitment of key staff.”

“Closing date – Applications must be sent either by e-mail or by registered mail no later than 9/04/2010 (date of e-mail or date as postmark for registered mail).”

Click here for full document.

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