Malta: Italian Sea Patrols are Secretive But Effective

A Malta Today article quotes an unidentified source within the Armed Forces of Malta as saying that Italy’s anti-migrant operations are effective but are veiled in a suspicious secrecy:

“‘Nothing is happening [in regard to migrants], because the Italians are effective with joint patrolling, donations of sea vessels, and hands-on training,’ an informed officer said.  Developments on the Libyan sea-front, where the Italian army is engaged in joint repatriations of migrant traffic, seem to be veiled in a suspicious secrecy. The same officer said ‘we don’t know what the Italians are doing’, and as the first months of 2010 saw no significant migrant arrivals, observers feel the situation may not alter radically.  There seems to be consensus that the deal forged between the Italian and Libyan leaders has stemmed the migrant tide in the Mediterranean.”

Click here for article.

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