FRA Call for tender: Treatment of third country nationals at the EU’s external borders

The EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency has issued a call for tender.

From FRA:  The overall objective of the project is to examine the treatment of third-country nationals at the external borders of the European Union in light of the existing fundamental rights framework. The project will not cover all fundamental rights issues that may emerge in the context of management of external borders, but focus on 2 specific components.

The first component of the project focuses on the southern maritime borders of the European Union. The second component of the project will analyse the treatment of third-country nationals at border crossing points.”

The first part of the fieldwork (relating to interception and rescue at sea) will be carried out in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain and the second part in 10 border crossing points to be identified among those with the highest number of entries of third country nationals into the Schengen area.

Duration: 23 months; Budget: 760.000,00 EUR;

Deadline for submission of proposals: 13 September 2010.

(Noted earlier today on the Migration and Law Network listserve.)

Click here for full information.

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