2010 Report of the Special Rapporteur on the HR of Migrants

The Report of the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants (Jorge Bustamante) was released in August over the summer break and I am just seeing it now.  This report was submitted to the General Assembly.  Here is the partial Index:

III. Issue in focus: the impact of the criminalization of migration on the protection and enjoyment of human rights

  • A. The impact of the criminalization on the enjoyment of human rights
  • B. The impact of the criminalization of migration on specific groups
  • C. Examples of good practices and alternatives to the criminalization of irregular migration

IV. Conclusions and recommendations

  • A. A rights-based approach to migration governance
  • B. Decriminalizing and managing irregular migration

[79. States should ensure that their border control and anti-smuggling efforts are carried out in a manner that respects and protects human rights, does not interfere with search and rescue obligations, and does not block access to asylum procedures and the identification of trafficked victims….
81. The detention of children and adolescents through border control measures, such as interception at sea, should be addressed through a child protection approach. Similarly, migration authorities responsible for the mistreatment of children should be held fully accountable.]

C. Preventing ethnic profiling of migrant communities, hate crimes, racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance

D. Finding alternatives to immigration detention

E. Protecting specific groups

F. Information-sharing, data and analysis

G. Recommendations on international cooperation

The 2008 Report of the Special Rapporteur is also very worthy of note.  The 2008 Report discussed in depth, among other topics, the increased criminalization of irregular migration, the abuses of migrants during the  migration process, the externalization of migration control policies, and violations against irregular migrants pertaining to interception and rescue at sea.

Click here for 2010 Report.

Click here for 2008 Report.

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