Boats Carrying 200+ Tunisians Reach Lampedusa

Over 200 Tunisians reached Lampedusa during the night of 8-9 February in several boats.  Approximately 500 Tunisians have reportedly arrived in Italy in less than one month.  EveryOne Group has called upon the UNHCR and Italian officials to ensure that the newly arrived individuals be provided the right to apply for international protection or asylum.  Italian Interior Minister Maroni said there “is tremendous pressure on the Tunisian coast: it is still red alert, but it can become and we are monitoring the situation closely.” («una fortissima pressione sulle coste tunisine: non è ancora allarme rosso, ma può diventarlo e stiamo monitorando attentamente la situazione».)  Maroni also said “we are very concerned about the escape of criminals from jails in Tunisia for the risk of terrorist infiltration between the Tunisians who want to come to Europe in the guise of political refugees.” («Ci preoccupa molto la fuga di criminali dalle carceri della Tunisia per il rischio di infiltrazioni terroristiche tra i tunisini che vogliono venire in Europa sotto le spoglie di rifugiati politici. »)

Click here (IT), here (IT), and here (EN) for articles.

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