Malmström Receives Conflicting Information From Italian Government Regarding Need for EU Assistance

Commissioner Cecilia Malmström yesterday described different statements that have been made to her and her staff by Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni.  Writing on her blog, Malmström said that she and her staff have had intensive contacts with the Italian Government over the weekend and that the Interior Minister and others said EU assistance was not needed, but that assistance may be needed later in the coming week.  In light of these statements, Malmström expressed her surprise at seeing the Interior Minister’s comments in the media on Sunday where he said he is annoyed with the lack of support from the EU.  (“Così il ministro dell’Interno Roberto Maroni lancia il suo j’accuse:  “Siamo soli, l’Europa non sta facendo nulla”, dice intervistato dal TG5.”)  Malmström speculated that in light of Sunday’s large anti-Berlusconi demonstrations, perhaps the Italian government is simply happy to blame Brussels for something.  Malmström said that tomorrow she will be receiving reports from Frontex and EASO about the situation.

Click here (SV) for Malmström’s blog post.

Click here (IT) for article.

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