Gaddafi: If Libya is Threatened, Thousands of Immigrants Will Invade Europe from Libya

The 6 March edition of Le Journal du Dimanche contains an exclusive interview with Gaddafi.  After calling upon France to block foreign intervention in Libya, Gaddafi states that all is well in Libya and warns of the consequences if his regime were to collapse:

“The regime here in Libya is fine.  It is stable. I want to make myself understood: if one threatens [Libya], if one seeks to destabilize [Libya], there will be chaos, Bin Laden, armed factions.  That is what will happen. You will have immigration, thousands of people will invade Europe from Libya. And there will no longer be anyone to stop them.  Bin Laden will base himself in North Africa and will leave Mullah Omar in Afghanistan and Pakistan. You will have Bin Laden at your door step.”

(“Le régime ici, en Libye, va bien. Il est stable. Je veux bien me faire comprendre: si on menace, si on déstabilise, on ira à la confusion, à Ben Laden, à des groupuscules armés. Voilà ce qui va arriver. Vous aurez l’immigration, des milliers de gens qui iront envahir l’Europe depuis la Libye. Et il n’y aura plus personne pour les arrêter. Ben Laden viendra s’installer en Afrique du Nord et laissera le mollah Omar en Afghanistan et au Pakistan. Vous aurez Ben Laden à vos portes.”)

Click here (FR) for full article from Le Journal du Dimanche.

Click here and here for related articles in JDD.

And I may as well add this link – click here – BHL (Bernard-Henri Lévy) is writing from eastern Libya as well…


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2 responses to “Gaddafi: If Libya is Threatened, Thousands of Immigrants Will Invade Europe from Libya

  1. Gaddafi was butchered with NATO forces deployed by EU, what do these EU countries expect then?

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