Ferry with 1800 Evacuees from Libya, Blocked from Landing in Italy, Sails to Morocco

The Mistral Express, the Moroccan ferry carrying 1800 people evacuated last week from Misurata, Libya, disembarked its passengers on 18 March in Morocco at Port Tanger.  Most of the evacuees on board were Moroccan citizens.  The ship first attempted to sail from Libya to Italy but was blocked by Italian authorities from landing in Sicily.  At the time Italian authorities said they prevented the ship from entering Italian waters due to uncertainty regarding the identities of the passengers and because it was unclear whether the passengers were “genuine evacuees”.  After the initial stand-off with Italian authorities, the ship entered the Italian port of Augusta on the night of 16-17 March and then left the port early on 17 March for Port Tanger.

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Click here for tracking information from MarineTraffic.com

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