Inhumane Conditions on Lampedusa; Local Residents Block Ship Carrying Supplies for Migrants in Effort to Prevent Construction of Tent City

Hundreds of migrants from Tunisia continue to arrive on Lampedusa.  While thousands of the migrants have been moved to other locations in Italy, over 4000 are now on the island.  Their living conditions are dangerous and unsanitary.  Many of the newly arriving migrants have wet clothes and lack shoes and are being housed outdoors without shelter.  Hundreds do not have access to toilets, wash facilities, or adequate food.  About 700 migrants reportedly arrived yesterday, but only 300 migrants were able to be transferred off the island yesterday.   An Italian navy ship is expected to arrive in the “coming hours” which will have the capacity to transport at least 1000, perhaps 2000, migrants from the island.  The mayor of Lampedusa, Bernardino De Rubeis, said “[t]he attitude of the State is a shame. Italy is allowing thousands of these immigrants to be treated like animals, forced to sleep under the water. All of Italy should be ashamed. («L’atteggiamento dello Stato è vergognoso. L’Italia sta consentendo che queste migliaia di immigrati vengano trattati come bestie, obbligati a dormire sotto l’acqua. Tutta l’Italia dovrebbe vergognarsi».)

Hundreds of local residents engaged in a new round of demonstrations yesterday by preventing the unloading of a ship carrying tents, portable toilets, and other supplies for the migrants on the island.  The residents are trying to prevent the creation of a tent city.  They fear that if conditions for the migrants are improved, it is less likely that the migrants will be moved from the island to other locations.

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