France Restores Border Controls at Italy-France Border to Block Entry by Tunisians

Growing numbers of Tunisians are arriving in the Italian border town of Ventimiglia (Vintimille), on the border with France, and are attempting to enter France.  3500 Tunisians have reportedly arrived in recent weeks.  Most of the newly arriving Tunisians appear to have passed through Lampedusa in recent weeks and were then relocated elsewhere in Italy to relieve the overcrowding on the island.  Many of the Tunisians arriving in Lampedusa have been very clear about their desire to continue on to France due to family or linguistic ties.

France has reinstituted some border controls in the area in an effort to block the entry of the Tunisians.  Additional controls are being instituted within French territory in Menton and Nice.  La Stampa reports that “[p]eople smugglers, who had largely disappeared when border checkpoints [in the Schengen area] were closed down, are now increasingly common. [Smugglers] seek out the migrants at the station [in Ventimiglia] and offer to take them to France…”  Le Point suggests that “by discretely allowing illegal immigrants to arrive in Ventimiglia, Italy is hoping that Europe will wake up and share the burden.  Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on Wednesday criticised France for returning Tunisians to Italy after crossing the border, accusing France of a lack of solidarity.

Click here (EN), here (FR), and here (FR) for articles.


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6 responses to “France Restores Border Controls at Italy-France Border to Block Entry by Tunisians

  1. Anonymous

    Send them all back,The French are one forced them to come..Criminals are behind this.Why did they not go to other African or eastern countries,want to plunder the west.Guess Hagush you are one of them or a Liberal.Sick of them in Ireland.They came to Britain and blew up people in buses trains etc,and do not mix only marrying idiots and changing the culture of Europe.So many unemployed in the EU

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  3. Haile

    Whoever is interested with the 335 souls who are in peril in the mediterannean sea to extend their generous assistance to save their lives. The West would have rushed to save the life of one of their citizens if he had been in this situation. We have seen them how they rushed to get their citizens from Libya after the crisis started. They did not start bombing until they evacuated their citizens. They did not care for the lives of these subsaharian africans who have been subjected to different problems. However, now there is also a time to help those who need their assistance. They have the means and they help them if they want to save their lives if they are still alive. May God be with all of those who are on board. Peace and courage for the famillies of those who are in the boat.

  4. hagush

    first of all I would like to thanks who help to the poor people,0n 3/21/2011 a bat start to go from libya to italy this bat carry about 335 all ar Eritrean,we call to the person who sent to them he said,I saw a bat in Libya sea,he inform to the NATO and they said in libya se a we can’t help them”so plaese try to save these mor than 335 Eritrean people,almost today is 12 day in the sea,I inform to whom it conserned and help the poor for more information please contact him by this phone 218917390925

  5. hagush

    335 eritrean miss in the sea from libya to ital we warry about them please help them

  6. hagush

    we are warry about the missin g eritrean in sea,please we need a help

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