Libyan Migrant Boats Carrying Over 400 People Missing; Reports of Deaths

There have been reports in recent days from the UNHCR and others about at least two boats that are believed to have left Libya over the past 10-14 days carrying persons from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and possible other countries.  Family members and friends of people who are believed to be on the boats have been calling for assistance in searching for the boats.  Reuters reported that “[o]ne of the boats was reported to have left Libya on March 22 with 335 people on board.  Italian media said 68 people on the other boat had almost certainly died during the journey, although there was no official confirmation. The top Vatican official in Tripoli, Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, said 10 bodies of African migrants were at the capital’s morgue on [4 April]. … He said there were reports of ‘many more bodies’ of migrants washed up on the shores of Garaboulli, some 40 km from Tripoli.”  Father Mussie Zerai, who is based in Rome, “said he had last spoken to migrants on board the smaller boat, an inflatable, by satellite phone on 26 March before the line went dead.  ‘I have meanwhile had no contact with the larger boat, but family members of those on board have called us from Canada, Sweden and Switzerland to tell us they left.’”

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There have been confirmed deaths among migrants who have left Tunisia in recent weeks.  At least 27 bodies had been recovered as of last week in Kerkennah.  The dead were probably on board boats that sank on the 13th and 27th of March off the Tunisian coast.

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UPDATE:  If you have information about a family member or friend who may be on a boat or if you are seeking information, please consider contacting the Agenzia Habeshia per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo in Italy at this email address: .



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4 responses to “Libyan Migrant Boats Carrying Over 400 People Missing; Reports of Deaths

  1. Asmara

    I have a famly member in the boat carrying 335 Eritreans from Libia departed on 22 of march, we are getting infotmation that all those 335 Eritrean were dead, but how, I belive tha there is some secrete behind this , lets try to find the truth, lets ask a quetion that why the trce of the baot didn’t found, only six dead bodies were found, what has happend to the others, pls lets get together to find the truth

  2. Seferaw Baynor

    We are witnessing the tragic death of hundreds of people including 335 Eritreans………….
    The world is just watching but not acting, who is responsible for these deaths??????????????

  3. hagush

    the good news at this moment Eritrean enbasy is in Libya,why he does not give us any information about those people?why the government of Libya ?Why NATO?as the world technology increase why does not see those much people?336 or more I surprised,what the world doing,what action it take?
    please where are those people?who murder them,I need some evidence,In the world no secret,but time is vary,what secraty have those 335 people?Why eritrean Government speak some about those people?

  4. hagush

    how we can say those 335 people are dead?
    we dont get the trace of the boat?or why NATO does not know who hit the boat? alot of complecated question?please any latest news about those people?

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