Italian Official Warns of New Migrant Threat from Libya

In obvious tension with my previous post (Van Rompuy Warns Migrant Danger Should Not be Exaggerated), Giorgio Piccirillo, the head of COPASIR, the Italian Parliamentary Committee for Security of the Republic (Comitato parlamentare per la sicurezza della Repubblica), said last Thursday that Libya may attempt to send towards Europe approximately 15,000 migrants recently released from detention centres in Libya.  The Times of Malta reported Saturday that “[a]ccording to Gen. Piccirillo the Libyan regime’s intention is to send these migrants to Italy by boat from the port city of Zuwarah, which is about 120 kilometres to the west of Tripoli. Zuwarah is one of the ports from where migrant traffickers operated in the past…”  No further details were reported.

Click here (EN) and here (IT) for articles.

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