Terraferma, Emanuele Crialese’s Film About Migrants, Nominated as Italy’s Entry for Best Foreign Film Oscar Award

From Adnkronos News: “Movie director Emanuele Crialese’s new film about the plight of migrants landing on the southern Lampedusa island from Africa will be Italy’s contender for the 2012 Best Foreign Film Oscar, a jury decided Wednesday.  The film, ‘Terraferma’ (Dry Land) is Crialese’s fourth movie and won the Special Jury Prize at the 2011 Venice Film Festival earlier in September.  ‘I am very happy and honoured, it’s something I did not expect but hoped for,’ said Crialese commenting on Terraferma’s selection.  Like his 2002 film ‘Respiro’ the picture tells the story of Sicilian fishermen dealing with the influx of migrants who opt to rescue boat people from Africa and fall foul of the local coastguard.  In the movie, Crialese cast a real Ethiopian refugee, identified as Timnit T, to play the part of an illegally rescued pregnant woman, based on her real story. She now lives in northern Europe.  The Roman director has voiced public criticism of migrant deaths at sea and the response by authorities to the humanitarian crisis that has unfolded in the Mediterranean….”

Click here for link to article.

Click here for link to film’s FB page.


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