European Commission’s Second Biannual Report on Schengen Area

The European Commission released its “Second biannual report on the functioning of the Schengen area” covering the period 1 May 2012-31 October 2012.  (COM(2012) 686 final, 23.11.2012)  The first reporton the Schengen area was released in May of this year.  (COM(2012) 230 final, 16.5.2012)

Here are a few excerpts from the 8 page document:

The Commission intends to present a legislative proposal in early 2013 to replace the Frontex sea border operations rule (Council Decision 2010/252/EU) that was annulled by the Court of Justice on 5 September 2012;

Subsequent to the issuance of a letter of formal notice to Greece in October 2009 in response to “allegations of serious difficulties faced by migrants in applying for asylum and ill-treatment of asylum-seekers, including the turning back of persons who may face serious harm or persecution”, the Commission is continuing to analyse the situation “in the light of constant developments, such as the progress made in the implementation of the Greek National Action Plan.”;

Subsequent to a Commission request to Italy in July 2009 “to provide information on the measures to avoid the risk of refoulement” and the February 2012 European Court of Human Rights decision in the Case of Hirsi v. Italy, “[a]gainst this background, the Commission is now analysing the implications of this ruling on border surveillance operations at sea and on the asylum acquis.

Click  here or here for Second Report.

Click here for First Report.


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2 responses to “European Commission’s Second Biannual Report on Schengen Area

  1. Marianne van der Beek

    Dear Madame, Sir,

    I don’t know where it is that you operate from, but I would like to ask if you have any knowledge on job openings in the field of refugee aid, internationally. Informing and assisting refugees on the boarders of Europe on social welfare issues, juridical questions, return and migration questions etc.

    I have working in the Dutch refugee council for many years and I’m looking for a new job now. Working anywhere in the EU / outside the EU boarders for the course of refugee aid is something I really want to do.

    I would appreciate it very much to hear from you if you have any ideas and/or advises for me.

    Kind regards,

    Marianne van der Beek

    The Netherlands

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