Book Launch Event: ‘Boat Refugees’ and Migrants at Sea: A Comprehensive Approach (London, 6 June)

‘Boat Refugees’ and Migrants at Sea: A Comprehensive Approach – Book Launch Event 6 June 2017, 4.45-5.30pm – Woburn Suite, Senate House, London.

All are welcome to attend a book launch event of ‘’Boat Refugees’ and Migrants at Sea: A Comprehensive Approach’, the latest publication in the International Refugee Law Book Series.

The International Refugee Law Book Series is published by Martinus Nijhoff under the auspices of the Refugee Law Initiative. It provides a platform for outstanding new studies of the intersecting legal regimes for the protection of refugees and displaced persons. Monographs and edited volumes in the series aim to advance scholarly and practitioner insight into how ‘refugee law’ is evolving globally, focusing particularly on its interaction with other bodies of international law and manifestation in regions outside Europe.

Book Launch Event – Chair: David Cantor (Refugee Law Initiative) Introduction by Editors: Efthymios Papastavridis / Violeta Moreno-Lax Comment by UN: Francois Crepeau (UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Migrants) Comment by IMO: Jan de Boer (Senior Legal Officer – International Maritime Organisation).

This event will be held from 4.45-5.30pm on 6 June 2017 in the Woburn Suite, Senate House (Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU, UK). Registration is not required.

‘Boat Refugees’ and Migrants at Sea: A Comprehensive Approach Edited by Violeta Moreno-Lax (Queen Mary University of London), and Efthymios Papastavridis (Democritus University of Thrace, the Academy of Athens and Oxford University).

This book aims to address ‘boat migration’ with a holistic approach. The different chapters consider the multiple facets of the phenomenon and the complex challenges they pose, bringing together knowledge from several disciplines and regions of the world within a single collection. Together, they provide an integrated picture of transnational movements of people by sea with a view to making a decisive contribution to our understanding of current trends and future perspectives and their treatment from legal-doctrinal, legal-theoretical, and non-legal angles. The final goal is to unpack the tension that exists between security concerns and individual rights in this context and identify tools and strategies to adequately manage its various components, garnering an inter-regional / multi-disciplinary dialogue, including input from international law, law of the sea, maritime security, migration and refugee studies, and human rights, to address the position of ‘migrants at sea’ thoroughly.

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