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Expert Meeting on Asylum Seekers and Migrants in Distress at Sea Begins in Djibouti

From an IOM press statement:

“IOM is taking part in a three-day meeting organized by UNHCR and the Government of Djibouti on how best to respond to the needs of migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees who find themselves in situations of distress at sea. The meeting, which opens today [8 November] in Djibouti, brings together government representatives and academics alongside experts from UNHCR, IOM, the International Maritime Organization, the ICRC and IFRC….

‘Despite the tightening of existing Conventions to reinforce the global Search and Rescue regime, gaps remain when it comes to putting these principles into practice,’ says IOM’s Irena Vojackova-Sollorano. ‘Cooperative approaches that bring together governments, the shipping industry, NGOs and international organizations are therefore urgently needed if we are to ensure the safety and protection of all people rescued at sea.’…”

Click here for full press statement.

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New Gulf of Aden Crossing Route (News)

The Yemen Observer reports that many Somali refugees are beginning to cross the Gulf of Aden from Djibouti to the Dhubab coast of Yemen on the Red Sea rather than crossing from Bossaso in northern Somalia to the southern coasts of Yemen.  The route is much shorter than the route from Bossaso.

“Some newly arrived Somali refugees from Djibouti said they pay US$ 200 per each passenger to be paid to smugglers to smuggle them to Djibouti and then pay US$ 50 to smugglers in Djibouti to bring them to Yemen compared to US$ 50 being paid to smugglers in Bossaso to bring them to Yemen.”

Click here for article.

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