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MEP Francesco Speroni: Italy Entitled to Use Weapons to Prevent Landings by Migrant Boats

Italian MEP Francesco Speroni (EFD, Northern League) today compared the Tunisian migrants arriving in Italy to an invading force: “Do not mistake the Tunisians. If someone invades the territorial waters of a sovereign country, that country is allowed to use weapons, this is international law…” (“Non sbagliano i tunisini. Se uno invade le acque territoriali di un Paese sovrano è lecito usare le armi, questo è diritto internazionale…”)  “We in Lebanon [and] in Afghanistan we are using the weapons, why do not we use them to defend our borders?” (“Noi in Libano, in Afghanistan stiamo usando le armi, perchè non dobbiamo usarle per difendere i nostri confini?”)  Speroni’s remarks follow remarks made yesterday by Italian Transportation Vice-Minister Roberto Castelli (Northern League) who said “With [arriving] immigrants, we can not use weapons, for now.” (“”Con gli immigrati non possiamo usare le armi, per ora.”)

Such remarks represent an unfortunate and dangerous development in the political debate within Italy.

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