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NY Times Commentary: The Killing Seas

Here is an op-ed article from Thursday’s New York Times by Hans Lucht, an anthropologist at the University of Copenhagen and author of the forthcoming “Darkness Before Daybreak: African Migrants Living on the Fringes in Southern Italy Today.” (Scheduled for release Dec. 2011.)

“…. In the long run, Europe should learn from the situation in Libya that paying dictators to make ‘problems’ disappear is not only morally bankrupt but also short-sighted. European leaders must seek commitments from any post-Qaddafi government to handle the challenges of international migration in an orderly and humane fashion. Instead of banishing asylum-seekers to detention camps in the desert, Europe should offer support to Tunisia and Egypt, which are struggling to assist refugees from Libya, and to southern European countries….”

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Libyan Rebel Leader Jalil Promises to Respect Immigration Agreements Between Libya and Italy

Libyan rebel leader, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, president of the Libyan Transitional National Committee, has promised that a post-Gaddafi Libyan Government will respect “all agreements with Italy by the [Gaddafi] regime, including those involving combating illegal migration and oil contracts with Eni.”  The promise was made during an interview yesterday on the Porta a Porta programme on Rai 1.  According to ANSA, Jalil said he will “respect the Italian-Libyan Treaty signed by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. … Any treaty or agreement [which was done] we respect it” and “we will try to implement the treaties.”  Jalil defected from the Gaddafi government last month.  He was previously Gaddafi’s Minister of Justice.

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EU migration control made by Gaddafi?

An article from OpenDemocracy by Prof. Gregor Noll (Lund University) and Mariagiulia Giuffré (doctoral candidate at the School of International Studies, University of Trento):

“[T]here is a far-reaching consensus that a government [such as the Gaddafi Government] that uses indiscriminate lethal force to retain power is, as the diplomatic phrasebook has it, “unacceptable”. Yet, over the past six years, it has been perfectly acceptable for EU governments to outsource its border protection to an authoritarian leader with a dismal human rights record…. We, the citizens of the EU, should also be reminded that for over three years now, we have relied on Gaddafi and his state apparatus to keep asylum seekers and other migrants away from our doors….”

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Italian Defence Minister: Italy-Libya Friendship Agreement is “Defunct, Inoperative, Suspended”

Italian Defence Minister Ignazio La Russa stated that “the Italy-Libya treaty is effectively defunct, inoperative, suspended.”  In addition to the migration control provisions, the treaty also contains provisions which forbade Italy from participating in military actions again Libya.

La Russa also said that the Italian Finance Police officers who under the terms of the treaty were assigned to Libyan patrol vessels engaged in anti-migrant patrols have been withdrawn and are present at the Italian embassy in Tripoli.

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