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EP Refers Frontex Sea Borders Rule to ECJ

On 23 June the JURI committee (Committee on Legal Affairs) voted in camera to refer the question of the validity of the Frontex rule regarding the surveillance of the sea external borders to the European Court of Justice (Council Decision 2010/252/EU (“Frontex / Sea borders”)).  The referral requests the Court “to preserve the effects of the measure until a new legislative act has been adopted.”

Maltese MEP Simon Busuttil, the EPP Coordinator in the Civil Liberties Committee, was quoted as saying: “we have given notice to the Commission that not all is fine with these Frontex guidelines and it is time for a rethink. We want to ensure that Parliament’s role is defended and that we can have our say. We want these rules to be fair. In their current version they are not.”

Both the LIBE and JURI committees believe that the European Commission exceeded its power when it presented the new Frontex rule under the comitology procedure as opposed to using the ordinary legislative procedure which would have given the Parliament the ability to amend the rule.  Malta has strongly objected to provisions within the rule.  Malta has said that its decision not to host Frontex’s Central Mediterranean enforcement operation this year, Operation Chronos, was due to the disembarkation provisions contained in the new Frontex rule.  Malta believes that the rule would require intercepted migrants to be taken to Malta.

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LIBE Votes to Refer Frontex Sea Border Rules to JURI

At its meeting on 10 May, the LIBE committee voted to send a request to the JURI committee regarding the Council Decision pertaining to the procedures to be applied during Frontex surveillance and interdiction operations at sea.  The request asks the JURI committee to refer the Council Decision to the European Court of Justice on the procedural ground that the Council Decision should not have been dealt with as a comitology measure but instead should be grounded on a legal basis.

I have not yet been able to find a copy of the LIBE committee’s letter to JURI, but a video of the LIBE committee meeting can be found on the EP Multimedia Library here or here.  The vote and the brief discussion occurs at approximately 16:44 in the video.

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LIBE Vote Scheduled for 10 May re Challenge to Frontex Sea Border Surveillance Rule

LIBE members are scheduled to vote on Monday, 10 May, regarding a request to the JURI committee to approve an ECJ challenge to the new Frontex sea border surveillance rules.  Draft Agenda item 4: “Comitology measure on sea border surveillance (FRONTEX): Request to JURI concerning referral to European Court of Justice.”  The vote is scheduled to follow a report by Commissioner Cecilia Malmström to LIBE regarding the Commission’s work since its entry into office.

Click here for draft agenda.

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