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ICJ Publishes New Practitioners Guide –“Migration and International Human Rights Law”

The International Commission of Jurists has just published its sixth Practitioners Guide entitled Migration and International Human Rights Law: Practitioners Guide No. 6.  The Guide was researched and written by Massimo Frigo and edited by Róisín Pillay.

“The Practitioners Guide on Migration and International Human Rights Law analyses the protection afforded to migrants by international law and the means to implement it at national and international levels. The Guide synthesises and clarifies international standards on key issues, in particular: the rights and procedures connected to the way migrants enter a country and their status in the country of destination; human rights and refugee law constraints on expulsion; the human rights and refugee law rights linked to expulsion procedures; the rights and guarantees for administrative detention of migrants; rights connected to work and labour; and rights to education, to the highest attainable standard of health, to adequate housing, to water, to food, and to social security.”

The 300 page Guide includes Chapters or Annexes on Human Rights Impediments to Expulsion, Detention, ESC Rights in Migration, and International Legal Remedies, among other subjects.

Click here or on this link  PGNo6-ElectronicDistribution for the Practitioners Guide.

(Thanks to Massimo Frigo for bringing this to my attention.)

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