Deaths in Aegean and Atlantic (Cadiz); Rescues in Mediterranean (News)

Several rescued, 1 dead, 1 missing in Aegean Sea off Turkish coast.  Click here for article.

14 Rescued off Algerian coast.  Click here for article.

At least 4 dead, others missing off of Cadiz.  AFP reports that up to 30 others may have been on a small boat that sank near Cadiz.

“At the start of June, the Spanish government pointed out no migrants had reached the Spanish Canary Islands, another major entry route for Africans into Europe, and cited agreements with several African countries.”

“A record 31,678 people from sub-Saharan Africa reached Spain’s Canary Islands in 2006 on small boats from Africa, but the figure dropped to 1,318 in the first quarter of 2009.”

Click here for article.

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