Greece Says Situation in Eastern Aegean is Out of Control (News)

Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Valinakis met with European Commission Vice President Barrot and asked for urgent assistance in regard to situation in the Eastern Aegean, saying that illegal migration has “spiraled our of control.”

The Dep. FM asked for immediate assistance to include:

“ intensifying and strengthening joint operations and patrols under FRONTEX along our “sea borders, with more European resources (maritime, air, specialised experts).

“ further financial support for tackling emergencies.

“ implementing immediate and practical measures that would relieve insular areas from the pressure such as using a ship of sufficient tonnage as a first reception and transport centre for illegal migrants.”

The Deputy FM indicated that Greece has raised these proposals in Stockholm with the new Swedish EU Presidency and would seek to raise these at the European Summit in October.

Click here for Foreign Ministry statement.

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