UK-French Summit: Declaration on immigration (Communiqués)

Following a bi-lateral meeting, the UK and French governments have released a declaration regarding actions to be taken in regard to migrants seeking to enter the UK from the Channel and North Sea coast of France.

Excerpts from the Declaration:

“At bilateral level, the French and British governments undertake to: Systematise operational co-ordination in action against illegal immigration networks, especially by exchanging information, conducting joint cross-channel police operations, and working together upstream in Europe and countries of source and transit.  A joint intelligence centre charged with the exchange and operational use of information and intelligence, and the co-ordination of its tasking, will be established in Kent (United Kingdom) with a view to becoming operational by August 2009. …

“At European level, the French and British governments will act together to: … Strengthen the operational role of Frontex, in the spirit of the European Pact on Immigration and Asylum, especially through developing operational co-operation between Frontex and third countries, establishing joint European return flights and ensuring adequate resources.

“Initiate innovative forms of co-operation between the European Union, transit countries and the High Commissioner for Refugees, by building on the EU’s Regional Protection Programmes. …

“Develop co-operation with third countries, of origin or transit, and with a specific focus on key North and West African countries, including through co-development and capacity-building measures as well as conclusion and implementation of readmission agreements, within the Global Approach to Migration that represents the European Union’s roadmap according to the European Pact on Immigration and Asylum….

“The administrative arrangement [is] signed today by the Minister for Immigration, Integration, National Identity and Co-development, for the French government, and by the Home Office Minister of State for Borders and Immigration, for the British government….”

Click here for full English text.

Click here for the French text: Déclaration franco-britannique sur l’immigration.

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