Call for Applications for Study on Migration and Asylum in the Maghreb (Communiqués)

“The Euro-Mediterranean Network of Human Rights (EMHRN) wishes to launch a study on migration and asylum in the Maghreb countries. This study will be based on literature reviews and field studies to be undertaken in close cooperation with EMHRN’s member organizations working in the fields of human rights, migration and asylum.”

“The study should mainly analyze the legal and administrative framework applicable to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers (MRAS) in the Maghreb countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya), with a particular interest on the impact of this framework on the protection of their rights. The research should, among other things, identify the main deficiencies (de jure and de facto) in terms of protecting the rights of the MRAS.”

The deadline for applications is 28 September 2009.

Click here and here for details.

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