EC Call for Grant Proposals Relating to Mediterranean Migration Cooperation (Communiqués)

“The European Commission has issued a Call for Proposals providing €31 million for migration and asylum cooperation along Mediterranean migratory routes, covering partners in the ENPI South. (EuropeAid/128764/C/ACT/Multi)”

“The general objective of the thematic programme is to help third countries better manage all aspects of migratory flows in all their dimensions.”

“The programme … is designed in particular to:

  • foster the links between migration and development;
  • promote well-managed labour migration;
  • fight illegal immigration and facilitate the readmission of illegal immigrants;
  • protect migrants’ rights, protect them against exploitation and exclusion, and support the fight against trafficking in human beings;
  • promote asylum and international protection of refugees.”

“[T]wo of the programme’s six lots specifically involve Mediterranean Partner Countries.”

“Lot 1: Southern migratory routes (sub-Saharan Africa and the southern Mediterranean) has an indicative allocation of funds of €28.5 million, €14 million for 2009, and €14.5 million for 2010, subject to adoption of the 2010 budget.”

“The lot is broken down into five sub-lots as follows:

  • Sub-lot A (€10.5 million): Western African Route, including Maghreb, ECOWAS, CEMAC region and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  • Sub-lot B (€9.5 million) Eastern African Route, including Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Horn of Africa, Yemen, Great Lakes Region
  • Sub-lot C (€5 million) Northern Africa region, in line with Albufeira conclusions
  • Sub-lot D (€2 million) Southern Africa region
  • Sub-lot E (€1.5 million) Promoting the contribution of the Diaspora to act in Africa as a development actor for this continent through the establishment of an African Diaspora platform for development”

“Grants requested for an action under the Call for Proposals must fall between €500,000 and €2 million. The planned total duration of an action may not be lower than 12 months nor exceed 36.”

“The deadline for submission of Concept Notes is 13 November 2009.”

Click here for full statement.

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