UNHCR Migration and Border Recommendations to the Incoming Spanish EU Presidency

UNHCR’s recommendations to the Spanish EU presidency include the following”

“Migration and border management

Spain has affirmed that reinforcing Frontex and ensuring that EU migration policy is accompanied by close cooperation with migrants’ countries of origin and transit will be priorities of its Presidency. A review of the Frontex mandate will take place in 2010.

UNHCR encourages the Spanish Presidency to pursue its migration agenda with due regard for international refugee and human rights norms. This includes:

a) Inclusion of refugee protection safeguards in migration control measures generally;

b) Development of clear guidance with respect to the disembarkation of persons intercepted at sea;

c) Attention to the potential protection needs of victims of trafficking;

d) With respect to the return of people found not to need international protection, measures to ensure that such return is safe, dignified and sustainable.

– calling for safeguards in border management activities, including under Frontex’s auspices, with the revision of that body’s mandate foreseen in early 2010;  a call for more focus on protection needs of victims of trafficking as part of anti-trafficking measures.”

Click here for full recommendations.

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