Spanish EU Presidency’s Web Site and Work Programme

The Spanish EU Presidency’s web site is up and running.

Excerpts from a summary of the Presidency’s work programme:

“This will be the fourth occasion that Spain has held the Presidency of the European Union. On each of the previous occasions, it faced important challenges. But none, like now, have coincided with a global crisis like the one that is affecting the economy and at a time as strategic as now in the European transformation process. This gives our Presidency a unique significance and, at the same time, even greater responsibility.”

“Spain has worked very closely with Belgium and Hungary to prepare a joint program for the next 18 months, in accordance with the Treaty, which was presented to the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs on the 7th and 8th in Brussels.”

“These are the four main priorities of our Presidency:

• The first and essential priority for the development of the others is the full and effective application of the Lisbon Treaty.

• The second is to guarantee the economic recovery of Europe through greater co-ordination of every member state and the approval of the European strategy for sustainable growth for 2020.

• The third is to reinforce the presence and influence of the European Union in the new world order.

• Finally, the fourth is to place European citizens at the centre of EU policy, with initiatives designed to develop their rights and freedoms.”

“We are also going to encourage dialogue and co-operation with South Mediterranean countries, the stability and prosperity of which constitute a priority for Europe. The structure of the Union for the Mediterranean needs to be configured and its General Secretariat set up in Barcelona.”

“We will also initiate the process for the European Union’s accession to the Convention on Human Rights, and we will approve the Stockholm Programme Action Plan for the European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, with measures that will have a considerable positive effect on the security of our citizens.”

“We know that dealing with immigration is one of Europe’s greatest challenges. We, who have contributed to the content of European policy on immigration over the last few years, are well aware of the situation.”

“Now we will deal with it in its different aspects, from integration and cooperation with the countries of origin and transit, to the tireless fight against the mafias that exploit the desperation of the less fortunate.”

Click here for full document.

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