Frontex Research Tender: Ethics of Border Security

As noted on NeoConOpticon, Frontex’s Research and Development Unit has issued a tender calling for proposals to conduct research and provide studies to Frontex on two subjects: 1) Ethics of Border Security and 2) Forward Study on European Border Checks.  Proposals are due 21 May.

The Ethics of Border Security tender calls for various issues to be addressed, including:

  • an analysis of “the ethical guidelines under which member states’ border guard services operate”;
  • an investigation regarding “the possible conflicts between current and planned future border guard operational practice against the relevant international legal provisions governing the protection of human and fundamental rights”; and
  • the “development of an analytical framework of ethical issues raised by EU border control practice (in all its aspects, including at air, land and sea borders, at BCPs, during patrols and search and rescue operations).”

Click here for link to Frontex tender request.

Click here for the NeoConOpticon post.

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