New Book- Extraterritorial Immigration Control: Legal Challenges

A new book will soon be available: “Extraterritorial Immigration Control: Legal Challenges”, edited by Bernard Ryan (PhD from the European University Institute and Reader in Law at the University of Kent) and Valsamis Mitsilegas (Professor of European Criminal Law at Queen Mary, University of London and former legal adviser to the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union).

The book is part of Brill’s “Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy in Europe” series.

Summary from the publisher:  “A central element of contemporary border regimes is their application to migrants before they reach a state’s territory. The main forms of this extraterritorial immigration control are visa requirements, pre-embarkation immigration controls and the interception of irregular migrants at sea. This work analyses the complex relationship of the law to these practices, as legal guarantees are potentially avoided, while the legality of control is often uncertain. It examines the international law framework, including the law of the sea and the extraterritorial application of principles of non-refoulement contained in the Refugee Convention and in international human rights law. The work also includes detailed case-studies of the legal challenges posed by extraterritorial immigration controls in Europe, Australia and the United States.”


Part I: Overviews
1. Extraterritorial Immigration Control: What role for legal guarantees? – Bernard Ryan,;
2. Extraterritorial Immigration Control in the 21st Century: The individual and the state transformed – Valsamis Mitsilegas;

Part II: International law aspects
3. The Concept of State Jurisdiction and the Applicability of the Non-refoulement Principle to Extraterritorial Interception Measures – Anja Klug and Tim Howe;
4. The International Law of the Sea and Migration Control – Richard Barnes;
5. The Legal Framework Concerning the Smuggling of Migrants at Sea under the UN Protocol on the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea and Air – Tom Obokata;

Part III: European Union aspects
6. Europe Beyond its Borders: Refugee and human rights protection in extraterritorial immigration control – Maarten den Heijer;
7. Extraterritorial Migration Control and Human Rights: Preserving the responsibility of the EU and its Member States – Evelien Brouwer ;
8. Extraterritorial Border Controls in the EU: the role of Frontex in operations at sea – Anneliese Baldaccini ;
9. The Transformation of European Border Controls – Elspeth Guild and Didier Bigo;

Part IV: State practice
Migration Control at Sea: The Italian case – Alessia di Pascale;
10. Extraterritorial strategies to tackle irregular immigration by sea: A Spanish perspective – Paula García Andrade;
11. Controlling Migration by Sea: The Australian case – Susan Kneebone;
12. US Migrant Interdiction Practices in International and Territorial Waters – Niels Frenzen;
13. The UK and Extra-territorial Immigration Control: Entry clearance and juxtaposed control – Gina Clayton.

Click here for link to the book on Publisher’s web site.

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