CSDP and Maritime Surveillance

The May edition of the ISIS European Security Review contains an article reviewing the Spanish EU Presidency and the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP, formerly ESDP).  The article notes that a main priority of the Spanish Presidency has been an “Integrated Maritime Surveillance.” “[T]he Spanish Government has clearly followed the Swedish Presidency in many areas, especially in the creation of an Integrated Maritime Surveillance, probably the most notable accomplishment of this EU Presidency on defence policy. *** The attention paid by Spain to naval protection is not something new: Spanish interest in increasing patrolling across Europe’s coastlines has been proven during the last decade, especially through its support to FRONTEX assistance in the Mediterranean Sea and the Canary Islands. Beyond that, the project of a common management of external borders has resulted in a need for protection of European interests away from the official maritime borders, moving also to trade routes where the EU economic interest is at stake.”

Click here for the ISIS May 2010 Newsletter.

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