EP Seminar on Combating and Preventing Trafficking in Human Beings (10 June, Brussels)

NB – Registration to attend must be emailed by 16.00, Monday, 7 June.

“On Thursday 10 June 2010 LIBE will hold jointly with the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee (FEMM) a seminar on “Combating and preventing trafficking in human beings: the way forward” to have an exchange of views contributing to drafting a co-decision report by Anna HEDH (S&D, SE) (LIBE) and Edit BAUER (EPP, SK) (FEMM).”

“REGISTRATION – This Round Table meeting is open to the public. We would ask the participants to send their registration before Monday 7 June at 16.00.  For security reasons, participants who do not have a European Parliament access badge must obtain a pass in advance.  Please send the following information to the joint FEMM-LIBE mailbox: ip-femm-libe@europarl.europa.eu:

LAST NAME-First name-date of birth*-place of birth*-address*-company/institution/ organisation

It is essential to provide us with this information. Without it the Security Service will not provide entry passes. If you already have an entrance pass, indicate it in the e-mail. In this case the information marked with asterisk (*) is not needed.”

Click here for more information.

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