Malmström Tells Italy that Temporary Residence Permits Do Not Allow Free Movement in Schengen Area; Germany Threatens to Reinstate Border Controls

Commission Cecilia Malmström has notified Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni in a letter that the temporary residence permits being issued by Italy to Tunisian migrants will not automatically allow free movement within the Schengen area.  Over the weekend Germany joined France and said that it will consider instituting border controls to prevent the entry of Tunisians in possession of the temporary residence permits from entering German territory.

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One response to “Malmström Tells Italy that Temporary Residence Permits Do Not Allow Free Movement in Schengen Area; Germany Threatens to Reinstate Border Controls

  1. alroche


    the german government …..actually needs this things to implement in german ..if german say that they have given asylum 4 times more than italy then check out the immigrants ratio in german itself the same this with france ..and sweden and rest of europe …. if italy is not giiving asylum then its giving temporary resident permits ..which people are free to travel it depends on the country that wish to travel needs to abide certain conditions however extending or not it depends on the government ..but then a necessary amount will also be collected from this so called immigrant so that when they need to be sent back the government doesnt pays from their pocket ..accordingly if once for all the whole of europe or may be italy opens immigration openly like any nationality can apply for it …then whole immigrant from across europe will fly down to italy .. and then you would no longer need to give asylum …..this will also help the government economically and will also help in cleaning the immigrants …depends on how you do it a team it would benefit all but if only italy opens it for tunisians then it will impact rest of europe …cause it will clear its shit and throw the tissue to the rest ……so then its your head ache…they say that they want to keep the tap open but do you think a tap is good for a dam it would need to wait for years and years to empty this dam but if it open once for all maybe by `2013 you can see the impact and then fix the problem with this immigrant ..only italy cannot guard its coas it needs to be soughted by 26 nation help give support to italy to clean your country ….give it in a diplomatic condition which can be profited to alll not only one ……

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