Italy and Malta Turn Back NATO Ship Carrying 100 Rescued Migrants

A political and diplomatic standoff is underway between Malta, Italy, Spain and NATO.  The Times of Malta is reporting that the Spanish frigate, the Almirante Juan de Borbón, carrying the 100 rescued migrants attempted to dock at Lampedusa after the rescue, “but the Italian authorities refused it entry  and directed the vessel to Malta, which also refused entry, arguing that Lampedusa was the nearest safe port.”  “The Spanish warship is now off Maltese waters while talks are held between Maltese, Italian and Spanish diplomats.  A meeting which included the Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Carm Mifsud Bonnici was being held this afternoon at the Auberge de Castille.  Nato is understood to have appealed to both Italy and Malta to accept the migrants.”  The Times of Malta also reported that a 10 month old baby was flown yesterday from the Spanish frigate to Malta for medical treatment and that a man and pregnant woman were airlifted to Malta today.

Click here for Times of Malta article.

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One response to “Italy and Malta Turn Back NATO Ship Carrying 100 Rescued Migrants

  1. Ronald Agius

    You should also have reported that the immigrant were found 78 nautical miles away from Tunisia, 88 nautical miles from Lampedusa and 141 nautical miles from Malta. Malta was the farthest port, and yet the immigrants were taken there after being refused by Lampedusa. This is a direct affront by NATO on Malta’s soveregnity.
    You also failed to report that Malta has already co-ordinated and assisted in 54 cases of rescue operations this year.

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