Missing Since 2008 – Algerians Seek Information About 43 Family Members Who Disappeared After Arrest by Tunisian Coast Guard

In October 2008, a migrant boat attempting to sail from Algeria to Italy ran around near Tabarka, Tunisia.  The boat’s 43 passengers (39 Algerians, 3 Tunisians, and 1 Moroccan), between the ages of 16 and 22, were detained by the Tunisian Coast Guard.  There has been no word on their fate since shortly after their arrest.  Last week a group of Algerian families travelled to Tunis and held a press conference asking the new Tunisian government for information about what happened to their family members.  Past efforts to obtain information from the Tunisian government have been unsuccessful.

Click here (FR), here (FR), here (FR), here (FR) and here (IT) for articles.

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