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Libyan Court Delays Ruling in Mass Trafficking Trial

According to the Libyan newspaper Oya (or Oea), the State Security Court has delayed its ruling in the mass human trafficking trial involving approximately 520 defendants until 17 October.

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Libyan State Security Court Expected to Rule Soon in Human Trafficking Trial Involving 500+ Defendants

The Libyan newspaper Oya (or Oea) reported this past week that the State Security Court is expected to issue a ruling on 26 September in a mass human trafficking trial involving approximately 520 defendants.  The trials have been ongoing since at least May 2010.  The defendants reportedly include members of the armed forces, public security, and Navy. They have been charged with offences relating to human trafficking and facilitating illegal immigration from Libya to Italy.

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Mass Human Trafficking Trials Continue in Libya

The criminal trials involving almost 500 defendants charged with human trafficking are still ongoing in Tripoli.  Some new defence attorneys are reportedly involved in the case and have complained that the prosecutor’s office is relying on reports provided by Italian authorities and on reports on the topic of illegal immigration which were prepared for distribution to the media.  Some defence lawyers have said that the criminal charges are motivated by media and political pressure brought against the Libyan government.  Defence lawyers have also reportedly asserted that the special State Security Court trying the cases does not have jurisdiction over charges relating to illegal immigration.

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Canary Island Trial of 3 Accused in Deaths of 25 Drowned Migrant Children

The trial of 3 Moroccan men (YF, MSB and BJ) accused of murder of 25 young African migrants began on 18 May in Gran Canaria before the Sixth Section of Audiencia Provincial de Las Palmas.  The migrants who died were all between the ages of 8 and 16.  The young migrants drowned when their boat sank 20 meters from the shore in Lanzarote, Canary Islands on 15 February 2009.  The boat had departed from Guelmin, Morocco on 13 February.  The migrants reportedly paid between 500 and 1000 euros to be transported to the Canary Islands.  The prosecution has asserted that the boat was designed for use as a small fishing boat close to shore and was not designed for travel on the open sea.  Six persons on the boat survived, several of them were rescued by a local surfer.

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Click here for video – Antena 3 Canarias televisión de difusión de noticias 17 May with video of rescue operation.

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