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Tunisia Categorically Rejects Maroni’s Call for Deployment of Italian Police in Tunisia

The Tunisian Foreign Ministry on Sunday responded to Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni’s rather unusual call for the deployment of Italian police in Tunisia for the purpose of controlling illegal departures from Tunisia.  Not surprisingly, the Tunisian statement expressed shock at the Italian suggestion and categorically rejected it:  “As much as Tunisia is strongly committed to preserving and strengthening its excellent relationship of friendship and cooperation with Italy,  Tunisia must also express its shock with Italy’s position and categorically rejects any interference with its internal affairs or efforts to undermine its sovereignty.” (“Autant la Tunisie est fortement attachée à préserver les excellentes relations d’amitié et de coopération établies avec l’Italie et à les promouvoir davantage, autant elle exprime son étonnement face à cette position et affirme son rejet catégorique de toute ingérence dans ses affaires intérieures ou de porter atteinte à sa souveraineté.”)

The statement also said that Tunisia reaffirmed its intent to cooperate on matters of irregular immigration and that this cooperation would be based on respect for human rights and dignity.  (“La Tunisie, ajoute le communiqué, réitère sa disposition à coopérer avec les pays frères afin d’identifier les solutions idoines au phénomène de l’émigration clandestine, fondées sur le respect des droits et de la dignité humaine, et sur le principe du développement solidaire.”)

According to Tunisian newspapers, Tunisian authorities have arrested large numbers of Tunisians attempting to leave Tunisia by boat.  Tunisian media also suggests that human smugglers have taken advantage of the unstable conditions in Tunisia to organise and facilitate the thousands of departures that have occurred in recent days.

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