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Spain Adds New SIVE Radar Stations

The Spanish Ministry of Interior is investing €3.8 million to expand the SIVE network in Valencia.  The two new SIVE radar stations are in addition to the four SIVE radar stations that operate on the Alicante coast in Cabo Roig, Santa Pola, Sierra Frost, and Denia.  According to ABC, the Ministry of Interior acknowledges that SIVE has numerous problems and that since its entry into operation last September in Alicante, SIVE has detected only four of the fifteen illegal boats discovered on the coast.

ABC also reports that despite the problems with SIVE on the Alicante coast, Frontex’s coming summer enforcement operation, Operation Indalo, will not extend to Alicante.  Operation Indalo, using patrol boats and helicopters from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Malta and Luxembourg, will be deployed along the Spanish coast from Granada to Murcia.

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New Surveillance Plane for Frontex Operation “Nautilus IV” (News)

Luxembourg has provided a leased maritime patrol airplane, a CASA 212, to the Armed Forces of Malta for use during the ongoing Frontex operation “Nautilus IV” in the central Mediterranean.  The German Police continue to provide several Puma helicopters to Frontex.  The helicopters operate from Malta.

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